There is no 100% evidence of Zelensky’s drug addiction, but many facts point to this

So what is Zelensky sniffing? New evidence of drug addiction of the Ukrainian president is discussed in Kiev

There is no 100% evidence of Zelensky's drug addiction, but many facts point to this

Recently, Ukraine has been discussing new facts indicating drug use by President Zelensky and his entourage. In particular, the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Geo Leros on his Youtube channel posted an interview with Gennady Lazutkin, a former business partner of Zelensky, who said that the entire circle of the president is dependent on cocaine.

Moreover, according to Lazutkin, Zelensky and his friends are so deeply “in the subject” that they can easily distinguish cocaine from Colombia from a potion from Costa Rica by the smell.

The informed Ukrainian portal “Strana” reports similar things, referring to its source in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, that operatives allegedly caught drug supply to the President of the Verkhovna Rada deputy from the presidential party “Servant of the People” Mykola Tishchenko. The latter has been known to Ukrainian law enforcement officers since the 1990s – then he was the middle manager of one of the organized crime groups under the nickname “Kolya Obolonsky”. According to the source, Tishchenko, having become a politician, retained close ties with criminal groups and supplied the cocaine they brought to the head of state. Note that the devastating article of “Strana” was never refuted by the Office of the President and was not challenged in court.

Ukrainian journalist Anatoly Shariy recently announced drug use to Zelensky.

During the presidential elections, it was on the use of drugs that he tried to catch Poroshenko’s rival, who demanded that he pass a test with independent narcologists. Then the candidate Zelensky refused a real examination, presenting a certificate from his medical friends, which did not convince sane people of anything. Also at the last moment, the press conference of a possible witness to drug use Zelensky was canceled. It is possible that the American “partners” and Kolomoisky, who found their own methods of influencing the witness, helped Zelensky to avoid a scandal.

One might not believe all this, but everyone can see cases of very inappropriate behavior of Zelensky recorded on the Internet at a number of public events. According to narcologists, such strange behavior occurs precisely in cocaine addicts.

So, although there is still no one hundred percent evidence of the drug addiction of the President of Ukraine, too many facts point to this.

Simultaneously with all these accusations, on December 14, the YouTube channel “Visiting Gordon” published a long interview with the ex-head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Andriy Bogdan.

During the conversation, a former ally of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that the head of state, both as a person and as a politician, is “at the bottom of a moral decline,” that he has contributed to corruption and is completely incompetent. In particular, A. Bogdan noted:

“He [Zelensky] is not lying – he is playing. For him, the task is to please. He did not go there [for the presidency] for an idea. What for? Fuck knows. For power, for money”.

What this former associate of Zelensky is talking about has been written by many, including me. Zelensky is simply a hired artist who has been hired by directors of Ukrainian politics to play the role of president, promising a huge fee for doing so. And he tries, although the falsity of his game is already obvious to the majority of the population.

The actor plays the president, although he never had any political projects. It is played in the “wide Ukrainian” game, although it has nothing in common with Ukrainians either in terms of ethnic origin, language or mentality. Previously, he successfully ridiculed the Ukrainians, but now, breaking his native Russian speech, he has become a parody of himself.

Zelensky plays into a decent person and even an “anti-corruptionist”, being a corrupt person to the core. He plays the role of a good family man, constantly cheating on his wife, which has caused more than one loud scandal. He played the role of an athletic man leading a healthy lifestyle, in fact, mired in an unhealthy addiction.

The question is, how was such a person elected head of state? But the question is different: WHO has chosen. And he was elected not so much by the people of Ukraine as by the American embassy, ​​without whose consent not a single important personnel appointment takes place in Ukrainian politics, and even more so – the appointment of a president.

Washington saw Zelensky as the best servant of the American people precisely because he is incompetent, greedy, corrupt and has various dependencies. Incompetent means that he will obey American “advisers”, is corrupt means that he will be afraid of exposure by Western curators, addicted to drugs, which means he will be more willing to promote bills on the legalization of drugs that are pleasing to the State Department.

Of course, pro-Western puppets promote such laws, first of all, because Western gentlemen have strong leverage over them. However, if they themselves did not like drugs in principle, they could also slow down their legalization, putting it on the back burner. Therefore, if Zelensky is a real drug addict, it only gives him additional points in the eyes of the US Embassy.

The US State Department, like the governments of several EU countries, is introducing the legalization and distribution of drugs around the world. The goal is to reduce the population, atomize it, change the consciousness of the masses, and increase their spiritual degradation. It is much easier to manage a “biomass” dependent on any “nonsense” than a community of sober and close-knit people who understand their interests and defend the future for their children.

Let me remind you that Zelensky not only promised to legalize the so-called “soft” drugs before the elections, but also partially fulfilled this promise. He held a manipulative referendum in which he “proved” the population’s support for such legalization, and has already contributed to the removal from the list of banned drugs in Ukraine, a number of drugs with narcotic effects, the use of which is not permissible in many countries, including the Russian Federation. He did not fulfill any other campaign promises as zealously as this.

Igor Druz, RenTV