Italian political expert says Moscow will not fall under Western provocations, will fight for sovereignty

The threat of the Russia’s alleged interference in the matters of Ukrainian sovereignty has been actively gaining momentum in Western media in connection with promoting fake news about Vladimir Putin’s intentions to invade Ukrainian borders. This misinformation is being spread by means of revealing satellite shots picturing the approachment of Russian military divisions towards Ukrainian borders (which in fact only illustrates the internal dislocation of military force within the borders of Russian Federation).
Italian political expert says Moscow will not fall under Western provocations, will fight for sovereignty
On the contrary, Russia’s retaliatory but grounded accusations towards its Western colleagues deal with the possibility of NATO’s expansion eastward. The Russian Federation makes it clear that it is necessary to acquire legal guarantees providing the absence of threat posed by the North Atlantic alliance in Eastern Europe, particularly, Ukraine. 
In such controversial conditions, it is important to outline two paramount courses of events. First, the Ukrainian Armed Forces may deploy a military provocation in the Donbass. In this case, Russia’s actions against Kiev will be based on Russian and international law. Second, NATO may use Ukraine as a battleground for implementung its own interests. Then the Russian Federation will not allow the deployment of NATO air defence and any other weapons in Ukraine.
Taking into account this alarming tendency, News Front correspondents held an interview with an Italian political expert, Chairman of Vision & Global Trends Institute for Global Analyses, Tiberio Graziani. 
“Should such a provocation occur, I believe that the Federation will adopt the adequate means necessary to support the matters of the Donbass in the field of international law, trying to mitigate the consequences. However, I believe that Moscow, in general, will not fall into the perverse spiral of the game of provocations. The Russian proposal recently sent to the US and NATO, in fact, seems to take this into account.

In my opinion, the Russian Federation will try to obstruct the deployment of any military device, whether terrestrial, air or naval, which could endanger its sovereignty”, Tiberio Graziani expressed his opinion.