“China will have to pay” – Trump urged Beijing to answer for the pandemic

Former head of the White House Donald Trump demanded $ 60 trillion from China, Gazeta.Ru reports.

"China will have to pay" - Trump urged Beijing to answer for the pandemic

The former US President demanded that Chinese leader Xi Jinping pay reparations to the whole world because of the guilt for the spread of coronavirus infection. According to Trump, the Chinese leader is a “killer.”

“He’s a killer. But I had a wonderful relationship with him. When the coronavirus came is a different story. Because they destroyed the whole world”, Trump said in an interview with Fox News.

The PRC has always robbed the United States economically. For several years, the Chinese have been stealing $500 billion a year, the ex-president said.

“China will have to pay, do something, pay reparations. China does not have enough money to pay these compensations. I believe that around the world, I’m not just talking about the United States, $60 trillion in damage was inflicted. China doesn’t have $60 trillion. But they have to do something. What they have done to the world is terrible. Terrible, and there is no end to it”, – said Trump.

During the interview, the 2020 presidential loser has repeatedly denounced the policies of the current US President Joseph Biden. According to the politician, Biden is not fighting the spread of the coronavirus in any way. Trump lamented that the current American establishment is a shame on the country.

“Our country has never been at such a low level, the country has never been shown such disrespect as it is now. From China, Russia, North Korea. There has never been a time like this”, he summed up.

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