The National Interest: Washington uses Ukraine to “contain” Russia

The main problem with White House policy is that the US is not interested in Ukraine’s development and uses it only to “contain” Russia. This opinion was expressed by Nikolai Petro, professor of political science at the University of Rhode Island, in his article for The National Interest.

The National Interest: Washington uses Ukraine to "contain" Russia

According to the professor, Washington’s support for Kiev’s independence is one of the most durable elements of the United States’s national security policy, as it is associated with the desire to “prevent the re-creation of the USSR.”

“Since the main issue of American policy in Ukraine is to prevent the revival of the former rival of the Cold War, many of the bad sides of the current Ukrainian society, such as the growth of ethnic nationalism, are usually ignored by the US government and media,” RIA Novosti quotes Petro.

An expert from The National Interest noted that after Washington sensed the opportunity to “withdraw” Kiev from Moscow’s influence, American elites began to show a high degree of indifference, and at times even “outright hostility towards the cultural pluralism and regional diversity of Ukrainian society.”

“These examples, and with them a number of others, reveal the main problem of the American strategy towards Ukraine – we are not and never have been about Ukraine; the question has always been to contain Russia”, the author emphasized.

The professor added that the United States should find a more “creative approach” to this situation. Petro has proposed a new Westphalian Treaty, in which Russia, the US, NATO and Ukraine should consolidate their readiness to end all-round escalations and agree to “comprehensive negotiations aimed at achieving a settlement in the post-Cold War era.”

“In the absence of a new ambitious vision of its current trajectory, the United States will provoke another round of the Cold War, and in the worst case will be drawn into it,” the expert summed up.


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