China condemns Canada’s decision to join diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics

The Chinese side has reacted to Canada’s decision to support the United States in a diplomatic boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

China condemns Canada's decision to join diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics

The Chinese Embassy in Ottawa issued a statement protesting this move. It is reported by Izvestia. Diplomats commented on attempts by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to accuse China of human rights violations. The Chinese noted that the refusal to send Canadian diplomats to attend the competition had no real basis.

Beijing expressed dissatisfaction with this and stressed that the United States, Canada and other Western countries prefer to use the mechanisms that were used during the Cold War. In addition, they regularly try to impose their position on third states, while completely ignoring their interests.

They justify their interference in other people’s affairs with alleged violations of human rights. However, instead of providing support to other countries, they simply hold back their development. Thus, they try to turn them into their vassals and, in fact, deprive them of independence, leaving it only nominally.

Chinese diplomats in a statement called on Canada to abandon such a strategy and stop politicizing sports. The Olympics is a world sports festival of peace and unity, which must remain outside of interstate squabbles.


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