US quickly changed its rhetoric on Nord Stream-2 after talks between Putin and Biden

The White House has been embarrassed by trying to turn a failure into a victory over Russia’s Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline.

US quickly changed its rhetoric on Nord Stream-2 after talks between Putin and Biden

This opinion was expressed by political scientist and journalist Kirill Zadov, commenting on the excessively abrupt change in the US rhetoric with regard to “Nord Stream-2”.

“About a week ago, a group of congressmen submitted a bill on special sanctions against Nord Stream 2 to the draft US military budget for 2022. At the same time, the White House said that the certification of the gas pipeline could now drag on for six months, or even be disrupted altogether. But then Vladimir Putin’s negotiations with Joe Biden took place, and the same ardent Russophobes in Congress, unexpectedly for many of their supporters, hastily withdrawn their sanctions amendments”, the political scientist said.

According to the journalist, the American and European public was even more surprised by the abrupt change in the rhetoric on Nord Stream-2 in the media controlled by the White House.

“Only yesterday the Russian gas pipeline was a threat to the energy security of Ukraine and the whole of Europe, and today it has become almost the only guarantee of energy stability. Berlin put pressure on Washington on the gas pipeline issue, and the United States was not ready to quarrel with such a powerful ally. But it turned out how it happened. True, it turned out stupid. An attempt to furnish everything beautifully once again showed the complete loss of this case in favor of Russia”, summed up Zadov.


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