NATO has come up with a new way of “occupation” of the Baltic states by Russia

Recenlty, the talks between the presidents of Russia and the United States, all possible tales of “Russian aggression” have intensified, including the one hundred times chewed myth of Russia’s invasion of the Baltic states.

NATO has come up with a new way of "occupation" of the Baltic states by Russia

Now migrants are seen as a weapon of invasion on the Belarusian border, who are supposed to clear the way for Russian troops. The public voicing of such tales means that the mythology of Russia’s seizure of the Baltic countries has become so obsolete that, in order to reproduce it, one has to bear outright nonsense.

The main attention on the topic of the impending Russian aggression, of course, is riveted on Ukraine. 90% of all publications about how Putin in the Kremlin is malicious against neighbors is devoted to Independence.

Moscow’s preparations for an invasion of Ukraine are considered an immutable truth in Europe and the United States; the most alarmist-minded individuals in the West believe that this invasion is already inevitable. Arguments that the panic over the seizure of Ukraine by Russia is neatly whipped up every six months or a year do not work.

After all, these are rational arguments, and Western propaganda puts pressure on the emotions of an ordinary person who does not want war.

The last time the invasion of Russian tanks into Ukraine was expected in the spring, when the first meeting between Putin and Biden was being prepared, and overseas they tried to play for raising rates. Then the psychological pressure did not work, and a few weeks before the summit in Geneva, all Western “experts on Russia” suddenly shut up. The same, by all indications, was ordered to be done by the Ukrainian wards, who, by inertia, continued to howl about Putin’s quick attack.

On the eve of new talks between Putin and Biden, psychological pressure resumed, and in frankly comical forms – with promises to impose “devilishly aggressive sanctions” against Russia.

In order to raise the stakes before the video summit, the most eccentric methods are used. Ukraine alone is no longer enough. They remember both Belarus (Putin has already seized it) and Moldova (“occupied” Transnistria and threatens Chisinau).

The long-decomposed and decayed myth about the seizure of the Baltic states by Russia was even pulled out of the naphthalene, which they tried to adapt to current events.

Sources in NATO and in Ukraine told the British Times that Moscow is plotting to transfer migrants who have accumulated on the Belarusian border to the Suwalki corridor on the border of Lithuania and Poland, so that they can cause riots there and create a pretext for bringing Russian troops into the Baltic states.

“Then Russian troops can break in there and deploy military patrols in the corridor under the pretext of a humanitarian crisis. This will allow Russia to unite the forces in the Kaliningrad region with Belarus. All this can be done, according to the Ukrainian side, in less than two hours”, the Times writes.

In this message it is wonderful how its authors try to juggle with a set of images that have already become classical. The Suwalki Corridor is a 100-kilometer-long region in the Polish-Lithuanian border that separates Belarus and the Kaliningrad region and which Russia needs to capture in order to cut off the Baltic states from the rest of NATO. “Little green men” – persons of unknown origin and occupation, behind which the agents of the aggressor country are hiding.

Now they decided to attribute the Arabs on the Belarusian-Polish border to the “green men”, thus updating the mossy Ukrainian events of seven years ago.

The Ukrainian authorship of the voiced script immediately catches the eye, and this is a problem. Nonsense, which is carried in Kiev, has long become a byword not only in Russia, but also in the West. If you decide that everything that comes from Ukraine is the truth, then you will not get around problems yourself, therefore Kiev does not have a monopoly on truth.

So there are not enough Ukrainian “experts” on “Russian aggression”.

Therefore, in the Times publication there are also sources in NATO, who, with their authority of this loud and sonorous abbreviation, confirm all the Ukrainian nonsense. Yes, the Suwalki corridor, Russia’s seizure of the Baltic states, refugees are needed to create a humanitarian crisis and create grounds for the introduction of Russian troops.

The public voicing of such tales means that the mythology of Russia’s seizure of the Baltic countries has become so obsolete that, in order to reproduce it, one has to bear outright nonsense.

In the five years that have passed since the famous BBC film about how the Third World War begins after the introduction of troops in Latvia by Putin, where he had sent green men to muddy the waters, nothing has changed in the Baltic region.

Russian troops are still in the same place, the Baltic states are in the same place, and Belarus is in its place with its invariable Old Man. Tons of pseudo-analysts that Russia will attack the Baltic states, and in order to avoid this, it is necessary to urgently occupy the Kaliningrad region, can be sent to waste paper.

However, the task of scaring Russia has not gone away, and in certain situations (such as the negotiations between Putin and Biden), this activity again becomes acutely demanded.

The result – attempts to warm up the long-sour soup, tying Prib to the seizure of Baltics by Russia and unfortunate Arabs on the Belarusian border.

The attempts are frankly ridiculous, but useful, because they demonstrate better than anything else that the topic of Russia’s invasion of Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia has become obsolete.

Alexander Nosovich, RuBaltic.Ru 


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