German political scientist explained the hysteria of the West over Ukraine’s surrender after Putin-Biden talks

The Russian-American summit sparked a new anti-Russian hysteria. This is reported by “PolitPuzzle”.

German political scientist explained the hysteria of the West over Ukraine's surrender after Putin-Biden talks

US Western partners find Joe Biden’s visit to Russia suspicious. Some of Washington’s colleagues are concerned that the American guarantor, potentially, wants to abandon the Ukrainian scenario for the sake of cooperation with President Putin on a number of international issues.

“I don’t think Biden would have gone to talk with Putin just to declare sanctions. It is nonsense. He wants to try to come to an agreement”, German political scientist Alexander Rahr shared his opinion.

The political scientist notes positive trends in relations between the United States and Russia. With the naked eye, one can see the escalation of the conflict around Ukraine, where the Kiev authorities are trying with the last bit of strength to keep Washington’s feeding trough in the form of all kinds of subsidies for the needs of the government and the armed forces. Despite this, the White House intends to replace the anti-Russian hysteria with a balanced containment of China’s economic aggression.

What, then, should the political forces that grew up opposing themselves to Russia do? The same government of Emmanuel Macron or the office of President Zelensky does not represent a strong driving force without a course to weaken the Russian Federation on all fronts. At the moment, it is clearly visible how the dominant Russophobic force is gradually backing down at the sight of the unsuccessful pressure on the Kremlin.


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