Empty chatter: US will never dare to ban the “exchange of dollars” in the Russian Federation

A ban on the purchase of American currency in Russia will shake the US economy. This is reported by the portal Life.ru.

Empty chatter: US will never dare to ban the "exchange of dollars" in the Russian Federation

Washington intends to consolidate the “success” of financial restrictions on Moscow in a new way – by banning Russian bankers from conducting transactions to buy the US dollar.

American experts call these measures “damn aggressive”, however, it is not clear for whom exactly the infringement of the dollar’s power over the world will become more problematic.

It is primarily worth noting that the American “green” allows the United States to make a profit, one might say, on the spot.

Free circulation of the dollar is the trump card and pillar of the entire American economy. Partial or complete rejection of it in at least one large and developed country will definitely lead to cracks in the US budget.

“So far, a little bit, but this is just the beginning. After the Fed printed a half trillion “helicopter” dollars to deal with covid, the US began exporting its inflation to other countries. Gas prices have risen, oil and other resources are becoming more expensive. Other governments are seeing that the dollar is no longer a reliable reserve currency”, says economist Nikolai Scheglov.

The publication notes that the share of the American currency in Russian reserves is only one fifth, which confirms the absence of a serious threat to the Russian economy.

“When announcing the possible introduction of new restrictions on the largest Russian banks, the Americans should take into account that the American ones will also suffer. After all, they are also engaged in conversion operations, as well as European, Chinese and many other credit organizations. Moreover, since Europe is our main trading partner, its losses will be quite tangible. And the bankers are very influential and will put pressure on their governments”, Tatiana Lagutina, an expert at the European Investment House, expressed her opinion.

Foreign cards focused on the dollar will turn into a useless piece of plastic in Russia, which will secure the Mir payment system, and, as a result, the Russian ruble itself. A strong Russian currency will allow the Ministry of Finance to buy out the national debt for 50-60% of its value, which will directly hit the US taxpayers.

Thus, the dream of Russian President Vladimir Putin is becoming a reality. If the office of the President of the United States advances the above-described sanctions, the Russian ruble can become a real international currency. Nobody thinks about giving up Russia’s energy resources, but giving up the dollar monopoly no longer seems to be something mythical.


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