“3M22 Zircon” – the unique missile that has stumped the Pentagon

The Americans can do nothing to counter the Russian hypersonic rocket “Zircon”. The creation of this unique development has brought the United States to a standstill

"3M22 Zircon" - the unique missile that has stumped the Pentagon


This was stated by Komsomolskaya Pravda military columnist Viktor Baranets in a conversation with iReactor, reports PolitEkspert. The new missiles cannot be intercepted by any other means in the world.

“Zircon” has incredible advantages compared to other guided munitions. Baranets called its main feature a record speed and at the same time high accuracy. No hardware will be able to detect this missile.

It is capable of hitting the target from a distance of over a thousand kilometres, which rules out the possibility for the US to engage an aircraft carrier group. It has a combat radius of only 800 kilometres.


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