President Putin has confused the US and the West – Kedmi

President Vladimir Putin’s meeting with his American counterpart Joe Biden has huge implications for future relations. Writes FBA Economy Today

President Putin has confused the US and the West - Kedmi


Representatives of both countries are now busy shaping the structure of the talks and finding leverage. Washington, for example, continues to exert pressure on Moscow through sanctions and ignoring Russia as a partner. This is the opinion of military and political expert Yakov Kedmi.

“There is an attempt to draw cards. But the Americans don’t understand what cards are serious in Russia’s eyes. What they consider to be aces are not even sixes in Putin’s eyes. He is not buying these cards”, –  says Kedmi.

Key against the backdrop of the talks is the established fact that Eastern Europe has no support from the central members of the NATO bloc. In fact, the US has abandoned Ukraine and will soon be forced to abandon Poland as well.

“Preparations are underway for a big meeting between Putin and Biden. The Americans are scoring points. But they have already said: we will not defend anyone by military force, we will not go to war with Russia for anything and ever. Russia declared: I have demands. And the first demand was set. Russia is starting not only to talk but also to act differently”, –  the expert believes.

Earlier it became known that the deployment of the US missile and nuclear potential in Poland will cause the mirror response of Russia in Belarus, which questioned the deployment of NATO weapons in Warsaw.


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