Kiev raised money for Zelensky to flee Ukraine

Citizens of Ukraine have once again expressed dissatisfaction with the work of their President Volodymyr Zelensky. On the evening of 1 December, they marched under his office

Kiev raised money for Zelensky to flee Ukraine

The protesters marched from Independence Square and ended up at Bankova, the PolitEkspert portal reports. They threw change at the OPU and shouted that it was money “for a ticket to Rostov”. After that, the protesters went towards the Verkhovna Rada.

Several thousand people gathered in total. They did not take any aggressive actions, and therefore law enforcers decided not to interfere in the protest.

Previously, Zelensky said that a coup d’état was being planned, which was to take place on 1 December. It was to this mythical event that the action was timed. A stage was set up on Maidan with the inscription “Protect Ukraine – stop the coup”. Moreover, the coup is not considered an imaginary overthrow of the guarantor, but the actions of him and his team.


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