North Atlantic Alliance tests Russia for strength – Russian Foreign Ministry

The Russian Foreign Ministry noted that NATO is purposefully testing Moscow’s strength by sending ships and aircraft to the Russian borders.

North Atlantic Alliance tests Russia for strength - Russian Foreign Ministry

“NATO is purposefully testing us for strength by sending warships and aircraft to areas in the immediate vicinity of our borders, forcing Russia to react. At the same time, our retaliatory measures are adequate, proportionate and restrained”, says the material of the foreign ministry with counterarguments to the Myths about relations between Russia and the alliance published by NATO.

The Foreign Ministry noted that recently there has been a significant increase in the presence of the North Atlantic Alliance in the Black Sea region: the visits of warships with missile weapons on board, overflights of American strategic aviation, and large-scale exercises, including unscheduled ones, have become more frequent.

“Almost every week, our means of objective control record more than 50 reconnaissance aircraft and drones cruising along our borders […] The alliance apparently has no other problems. Terrorism, threats to security from other regions do not have the same significance as the danger allegedly emanating from Russia”, the ministry said.

Foreign policy also expressed concern about the “uncontrolled expansion of the North Atlantic Alliance, which is accompanied by the deployment of military infrastructure to support NATO’s confrontational rhetoric.

“The expansion of the Alliance is increasing tensions. NATO accuses Russia of military actions in the contact zones. But these zones appeared precisely due to the expansion of NATO”, the Russian Foreign Ministry concluded.