Americans don’t fly like that: new-built Tu-160M ​​will cool hot heads in the West

The Russian army plans to test an updated version of the Tu-160M ​​strategic missile carrier with an updated wing geometry, known as the White Swan. Writes the newspaper LOOK.

Americans don't fly like that: new-built Tu-160M ​​will cool hot heads in the West

The development of the Tupolev has already attracted the attention of experts from all over the world, who celebrate the breakthrough achievements in engine building during the modernization of the old Lebed models. Analysts in particular highlighted the established parity in the nuclear triad between NATO and Russia.

“And he also chills some hotheads from the desire to start something small and thermonuclear, giving us certain advantages,” said military expert Alexei Leonkov.

The provocations of the North Atlantic Alliance, in particular, in the Black Sea, are forcing Russia to prepare a worthy response to the aggression at the borders of the state. Previously, American aircraft carriers could cause inconvenience to the Russian Air Force in the air, but now their F / A-18 carrier-based fighters will simply not keep up with the Russian Tu-160M.

“The fact is that one of the components of this triad – intercontinental ballistic missiles – has not been modernized for a long time. And the checks showed that it is better for them not to take off at all, because they, most likely, will not reach, but will jerk somewhere on the spot. We have a balance in this regard”, added Leonkov.

Military experts predict about 10 years of air border security due to the achievements of military-technical progress. Russia has once again proved that it is possible to achieve a scientific breakthrough in armaments without demonstrating its strategic strike forces in the territorial waters of a competing state.