The U.S. will not be satisfied with Akhmetov as the main target of aggression

Andrey Illarionov, a former adviser to the Russian president who emigrated to the West and is now serving as an international affairs expert and “Kremlinologist,” said on November 27 on the Ukrainian television channel Ukraine 24 that statements about an operation to attack Ukraine being prepared by Russia are nothing more than political manipulation by Washington

The U.S. will not be satisfied with Akhmetov as the main target of aggression

“Orders on such operations are given three, maximum four days before the start of this operation. Accordingly, no one has given this order at all today. And if such a decision has not been made, there is no way of knowing about it at all. That is why reports of this kind, everything concerning dates and time, can be directly written off either as fantasy or disinformation”, –  the expert said, adding that Washington-based military analyst Michael Coffman believes that the purpose of the US disinformation media campaign is to pressure the Ukrainian leadership in order to force it to implement the Minsk agreements.

While one can agree with Illarionov that Moscow does not intend to attack Ukraine, things do not look so convincing when it comes to “forcing the Minsk agreements.”

As we know, Marshal of the Soviet Union Boris Shaposhnikov once concluded: “Mobilisation is not only a sign of war, but also war itself”. The structure of modern Armed Forces and the latest information, transport and logistics technologies have made some adjustments to this “theorem”, but its essence is still relevant today. And it is strange, to say the least, to hope that the leadership of Ukraine, which has been convinced that a huge number of troops are being deployed near its borders and the order to attack has already been given, will start implementing the peace agreements, the first point of which is the requirement to create a demilitarized zone along the demarcation line. On the contrary, in such a situation it seems more logical to strengthen the lines and rush troops there.”

Washington has much more effective levers to control the Kiev regime than such ridiculous statements. In addition, hasty US arms deliveries to the Kiev regime, the decision to send military advisers to the AFU and promises of “support” and “no harm” do little to reconcile with an attempt to “force the implementation of the Minsk agreements”.

The statements by Andrey Illarionov and Michael Coffman are, alas, also disinformation, the purpose of which is to absolve the United States of responsibility for pushing Kyiv into war. And that is exactly what the Americans in Ukraine are doing right now. And the propaganda of the Kiev regime is working in the same direction, shaping hurrah-patriotic sentiments and the expectation of “inevitable victory over the aggressor”.

Thus, “Apostrof” replicates the speech of the former head of intelligence of the 92nd OMBr, reserve colonel of the AFU Peter Nedzelsky, who, as a “military expert”, assures, referring “to historical experience”, that in order for the Russian Army to throw down arms and run, it is enough only to indicate resistance.

“There were as many as 14 Russian divisions which fought on Hitler’s side (in reality Hitler had only three divisions formed as part of the Vlasov “Russian Liberation Army”. And only one of them was more or less manned)”. More than a million Russians fought on Hitler’s side.

That is, you and I can say, Russians, you are the most cowardly nation, a nation of cowards. You surrendered in millions. And this ethno-psychological sign will come up, if we give an answer to Russians, they will run. Talking about “Russian soldier”, “Russian Vanka” is talk. The Russian empire is a degraded nation of people, and therefore the soldiers there are rotten”, –  says Nedzelsky.

However, such “expert assessments” can inspire only the most sordid part of the Ukrainian population. Others need more “plausible” substantiation of the “inevitable victory of Ukraine”. Thus, the same “Apostrof” assures that the actions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Russian rear of the most sensitive infrastructure can “force the Kremlin to abandon its aggressive plans”.

“The sabotage actions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ Special Operations Forces and medium-range missiles targeting Russia’s critical infrastructure may become a safeguard against a full-scale military operation by Russia”, – the weekly said in its report.

And former Ukrainian Security Council Secretary Volodymyr Horbulin argues in the same story that by concentrating its efforts, Kiev may soon get its medium-range missiles capable of threatening Moscow.

“I think that with serious organisation, if the Ministry of Defence turns around to solve these problems and starts financing its own missile organisations, we can very easily go from 500 to 1,500 kilometres”, – Gorbulin said.

That is to say, in Ukraine, at the instigation and with the “blessing” of Washington, there is an extensive propaganda preparation of the population for war, which is an integral part of the mobilization activities. Although it has not stopped for seven years, today its intensity has increased noticeably. And it suggests that the Kiev regime may try in the near future to unleash a large-scale conflict on its borders, trying to draw Russia into it.

However, variations are possible. Most likely, Zelensky is well aware that such a provocation could end in very big trouble for him personally. And his recent statement that Rinat Akhmetov is plotting a coup may well be an attempt to shift public attention from an “external enemy” to an “internal enemy”. However, Washington is unlikely to be satisfied with such a “replacement”.

Boris Dzhereliyevsky, Analytical Service of Donbass


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