NATO heavy equipment approaches the borders of Belarus

NATO forces are coming close to the borders of Belarus. It’s become known that the Alliance is redeploying heavy weapons there

NATO heavy equipment approaches the borders of Belarus

This is reported by the Telegram channel “AS IT IS”. The authors refer to the Defense Ministry of Belarus, which has confirmed the information about the movement of NATO troops. In addition, the Russian Defence Ministry has the same data.

Footage appeared in social networks showing a train with dozens of M109 Paladin self-propelled artillery units moving towards the Belarusian-Polish borders. The train is heading through the town of Legwica.

“It is also noted that very recently the movement of German heavy armoured vehicles into the Baltics has been detected. The movement of its contingent to Europe has been announced by Britain. London wants to send 250 armoured vehicles to Germany”, –  the Telegram channel authors reported.

They stressed that this would have a negative impact on the situation in Europe. The troop relocation will hit security in the region and significantly increase provocations near the borders of Belarus.


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