Ambassadors of Russia and China to the United States responded to Washington’s idea of ​​a “summit for democracy” for the elite

Russia and China commented on the US idea of ​​organizing a “summit for democracy”, to which Washington invited only a select few. It is scheduled for September.

Ambassadors of Russia and China to the United States responded to Washington's idea of ​​a "summit for democracy" for the elite

Russian and Chinese Ambassadors to the United States Anatoly Antonov and Qin Gang published a joint article on the event on Friday, Izvestia reports, citing the National Interest.

“Democracy is not the prerogative of a particular country or group of countries, but a universal right of all peoples. This can be done in several ways, and no single model can fit all countries. Therefore, the main criterion of democracy should be the people, and only they have the right to rule their country, noted the ambassadors of Russia and China”, wrote the diplomats.

They stressed that democracy should not only be part of domestic politics. It must be reflected in world politics. The favorite occupation of the States with interference in the internal affairs of third states does not correspond to the principles that Washington so zealously adheres to. Their actions are contrary to the UN Charter and other basic norms of international law.


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