“In case of war with Russia”: Great Britain will send military equipment to Germany

Lieutenant General Ralph Wooddiss said Britain would send military equipment to Germany in case of a war with Russia.

"In case of war with Russia": Great Britain will send military equipment to Germany

Against the background of a large-scale transformation in the army, London intends to create three new military bases in Germany, Kenya and Oman.

“I pay special attention to Germany, where we will transfer a significant number of armored vehicles,” – said the military, adding that this will facilitate the transportation of reinforcements across the English Channel.

The new units will include upgraded versions of Challenger 3 tanks, Boxer armored transporters, Ajax tracked combat vehicles, artillery and mine clearance vehicles, and drones, he said.

At the same time, British troops expect a reduction – the number of troops will be reduced from 82,000 to 73,000.


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