What it means to go to war the American way

The time and direction of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is already known precisely

What it means to go to war the American way
A pretty girl with a large white felt-tip pen in her hands, an attendant of the American blue screen, expertly drew a map of Ukraine on the school blackboard and showed with arrows where the Russian troops would enter. And how many times. All in all, the CNN camera did a good job. Other microphone masters were not far behind.

I was surprised by former President Trump’s former Russia adviser Fiona, who showed great intelligence. She told me that Putin was going to invade Ukraine during the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics. And straight from the Chinese capital, where he had been invited by President Xi. How can you be so sure? It turns out that Vladimir Vladimirovich intends to repeat August 2008, when Russia carried out an operation to force the war criminal Saakashvili to peace. During the Beijing Olympics. Only not the winter one, but the summer one. Fiona’s logic is admirable. Once it’s passed, it will pass a second time.

The Western political media mainstream is in its repertoire. Maps, arrows, dispositions, charts. Four arrows are plunging into the very heart of Ukraine. From Belarus, from Rostov region, from Crimea, from Donbass. One wonders why Russia will not attack from the territory of Poland. The fifth arrow is begging for it. It would have been a great scenario. It would definitely win an Oscar. We could go one step further and make it like Gleiwitz. Find a Russian military uniform, make a mock tank, move artillery pieces and you’re done. And then, in Putin’s voice, declare war on the whole world. This approach has been tried once before, exactly eighty-three years ago. Apparently the average cognitive capacity of mankind has not changed much since then. The temptation to try again is too great.

The Americans have a point. Every minute, the external public debt of the US increases by a couple of million dollars (and frankly, not dollars, but US notes). This figure, swelling to monstrous proportions, can be tracked in real time. If war does not burn away this debt burden and force the world to make a clean sweep of history, then what is the point of living? For now, there is no point in living. The US is as close as possible to freezing Nord Stream 2. A rainbow coalition has come to power in the German parliament. The aunt to be appointed to the post of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Annalena Berbock, speaks with fierce Russophobic attitudes. However, that’s why she’s green. It brings to mind the classic “live with us, turn green”. Now the German patriarchal energy business will clash in a fierce battle with the rainbow “fifth column”. The Americans are eager to please their geopolitical ego and bring down the last vestiges of European industry. After all, in the absence of a dangerous competitor, Gazprom, they can sell liquefied gas at Chinese prices to lop-eared European consumers for free. And then may the native Pension live on. The sweetest dreams of Andris Piebalgs, whose name has long been forgotten by ordinary European users, will come true, but whose signature and seal of the agency have not been erased from European treaty letters.

This is what it means to go to war the American way. Alien hands, at someone else’s expense, on someone else’s territory. And of course to act as the arbiter of the world at the final stage of the war.

True, with World War II there was no full-fledged arbitration. Joseph Vissarionovich did not allow it. In Tehran, in Yalta, in Potsdam he slapped his hands together. It was painful and unpleasant. Today, too, everything seems to be uncomfortable. Everything seems to have been made for the parties to fiercely pull the triggers and press the buttons. But even some of the hardened Ukrainians stubbornly refuse to see the mind-boggling number of Russian tanks concentrated on the border. They have to poke and prod their junior strategic partners to see the light. But the machine of the new confrontation is unfolding somehow too hard, too tight, too creaky. Not even a local war can be fought. And the national debt is growing, the amounts are astronomical. There’s only hope for German pliability. The one who will frustrate Nord Stream-2, which is almost put into operation, must be awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize. Ms Berbock can drill holes in her jacket.

All these endeavours look ridiculous. Energy wars – no matter how they develop – will not, at the very least, end in a European victory. General Zima has been our ally since the days of St. Alexander Nevsky. And real wars involving, for example, Ukraine, at least will not end in victory for the latter. It is impossible not to understand that. But it is also impossible not to print green bills. Here is the problem of the century, akin to Fermat’s theorem. However, there is a solution, although it sounds radical. Pay at least a couple of quarters of the national debt from the island offshore. Repent to the world for all the wrongs and oppressions. Close military bases everywhere, withdraw troops from everywhere. And hand over the nuclear suitcase for safekeeping to the Russian embassy in Washington. A really good suggestion. It would suit everybody, including quite a few rank and file Americans. It is worth thinking over.

Alexander Filey, Latvia.


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