Pushkov noted the irreplaceability of Russian gas for Europe

The current energy crisis, which has affected the entire world and Europe in particular, demonstrates the need for Russian gas supplies to the West to solve the gas shortage. Ukraine.ru writes

Pushkov noted the irreplaceability of Russian gas for Europe

Russian politician Alexey Pushkoye wrote about what lessons the EU and the US need to learn from the current failed heating season situation in his Telegram channel.

“This winter’s gas crisis in Europe, if anything, has shown the indispensability of uninterrupted supplies of Russian gas, especially after gas from the US and some other supplier countries went to Asian markets. The whole of Europe became convinced of that – hence the appeals to Moscow to increase supplies”, – the senator says.

As a reminder, gas prices in October reached a record high of $1,900 per 1,000 cubic meters. Later, the prices went down, however, the Europeans still resort to absurd accusations of an energy crisis against Russia. It is worth noting that even amid the discontent, Nord Stream 2 is still not operational.


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