Kiev determined to suppress Donbass republics by force – DPR

A spokesman for the DPR delegation at the Minsk talks, Vladislav Moskovsky, said that today’s meeting of the contact group on settling the situation in Donbass showed Ukraine’s true attitude towards the LDPR

Kiev determined to suppress Donbass republics by force - DPR

“Summing up today’s meeting, it is worth concluding that the main objective of official Kiev in the negotiations is the non-alternative subordination of the Minsk format to the Ukrainian agenda aimed at suppressing the republics by force”, – a spokesman for the DPR delegation said on his Telegram channel.

According to Moskovskiy, during the meeting, the Ukrainian delegation demonstrated that it had not the slightest desire to agree on positions on resolving the conflict peacefully. Moreover, the Ukrainian side is trying to “impose its will on the other negotiating participants against their consent”. For example, on the political track of the negotiations, representatives of Kyiv are ignoring the Contact Group’s instruction to draft a road map for peace and are attempting to discuss legislative acts already adopted in Ukraine regarding Donbas, which contravene the Minsk agreements. The Donetsk people’s republic believes that in this way Kiev is trying “to push the issue of agreeing a roadmap into a long box, thus blocking the possibility of a political settlement for an indefinite period”.

Moskovskyy added that by its actions the Ukrainian side had actually denounced the additional ceasefire control measures effective in Donbass since 27 July 2020.

According to him, each violation of the ceasefire by Kiev “is not accidental, but acts as a planned action to permanently destabilize the situation in Donbass.”


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