Europol arrests members of Ukrainian hacker groups

Victims of at least one cyber ransomware group include about two thousand people in 71 countries, including the US. The cumulative damage caused by the cybercriminals amounted to $120 million

Europol arrests members of Ukrainian hacker groups

The groups have been carrying out criminal activities since at least 2019.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova wondered in her Telegram channel where the statements of Western partners about “Ukrainian hackers” and the attacks carried out by them are? Where are the threats of sanctions for Kiev’s “years-long failure to combat IT crimes allegedly carried out from national territory with the connivance of national security services”?

“Could it be that the US spies had no idea of the existence of non-Russian hackers? No, they did not. Washington is very well aware of all this, given that FBI officers were involved in the Europol operation,” Zakharova wrote.

It is interesting that American newspapers are not replete with articles asking the question: maybe hackers are not just Russian?


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