European Commission proposes to change EU entry system

From 1 March, the EC proposes to allow everyone who has been vaccinated with the union-recognised COVID-19 vaccine to enter the EU, European Commissioner Ilva Johansson has said

European Commission proposes to change EU entry system

“We decided today at the EC that we will have new rules for entry into the EU from third countries from 1 March. Essential travel from third countries can take place. As for non-essential travel, today we have a list of countries (from where EU countries are advised to allow entry – ed.) There are about 20 countries in it. We are now moving away from a country-by-country approach and towards an individual approach. This means that all people who have been vaccinated may come to the EU,” she said.

The European Commission also recommends that EU countries accept those who have been vaccinated with products approved by the World Health Organization, but with a PCR test. In this case, the vaccination will only be considered valid for nine months.

It will also be possible for those who have had the coronavirus to enter with a PCR test, and people under 18 can come with a PCR test.


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