Washington is not ready to meet the “defense needs” of Ukraine

The movement of Russian troops across their own territory has again raised concerns about “Russian aggression” among the highest ranks of the Western world. Written by Ukraine.ru.

Washington is not ready to meet the "defense needs" of Ukraine

The United States is in constant dialogue with Kiev, keeping the situation with the aggravation on the Ukrainian border under control. State Department spokesman Ned Price said this.

“From the outset of the current administration, we have demonstrated that we are ready and able to use a range of tools to counter Russia’s harmful activities, and we will not hesitate to use these tools as needed and in the future,” Price says.

The American parliamentarian notes that Washington will provide military support to Kiev, taking into account the “defense needs” of Ukraine in connection with the threat of a “Russian invasion”.

Moscow has repeatedly stated that the movement of the RF Armed Forces within the country is strictly a matter for Russia, however, in the eyes of NATO, it is a pretext for deploying military equipment on the Russian-Ukrainian border.


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