USA: passions for speaker

A serious behind-the-scenes struggle is brewing around the third post in the state hierarchy of the American political system

USA: passions for speaker
With less than a year to go before the mid-term elections, there is already talk in Washington about a possible regime change on Capitol Hill.

The Democrats’ recent painful defeat in local elections in the US coupled with Biden’s soaring approval ratings have left the Democratic Party facing the obvious fact that it could easily lose control of both houses of Congress in November 2022. Many Democratic congressmen are already resigning before they lose the election.

There are also rumors that the current speaker, Nancy Pelosi, will end her political career next year as well. The 82-year-old Pelosi is a symbol of American political gerontocracy – she has been in Congress since 1989 and has led the Democrats in the lower house since 2002.

Pelosi’s departure will further increase the decadence of many Democrats in the run-up to the next election. It will also lead to a rapid weakening of the Democrat Party: With the old guard of Democrats gone, there will be no one to keep young liberal radicals like Ocasio-Cortez and her “brigade” in check.

A scandal has already erupted around Pelosi’s likely resignation. Realtors in Florida have learned that the Speaker has bought herself a $25 million estate. Tellingly, Pelosi chose not her native California but a successful Republican state to retire. Democrats like to demonize Florida in every possible way – but for some reason, they always want to move there.
The scandal of the purchase of the expensive estate is exacerbated by recent reports of insider trading by Pelosi’s husband, who gets “lucky” every time. He somehow “guesses” about giving big corporations generous government contracts and buys their stock in advance, making multi-million dollar profits.

The Democrats only need to lose six seats to lose their majority. In that case, the Speaker’s seat would go to the Republicans. They are now led by Kevin McCarthy, an establishment man, but a fairly adept party apparatchik who tries to please all pressure groups.

But Trump’s political strategists continue to discuss the possibility of a retired US president running for speaker. In theory it is possible – a non-member of Congress could be Speaker. And Trump could in theory go for such a gambit if he decides not to run for president in 2024. One thing is clear – the looming fight for Speaker promises to be long and fierce.

Malek Dudakov


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