Poroshenko’s dangerous game: what’s behind Zelensky’s ultimatum

What does Poroshenko’s ultimatum to Zelensky to fire Ermak by December 1 mean for the President? Poroshenko threatens to start a Maidan in case of refusal

Poroshenko's dangerous game: what's behind Zelensky's ultimatum
What’s the point of the “game” if it’s perfectly clear that Zelensky won’t fire Ermak?

The answer, in my opinion, is obvious: Poroshenko is acting on behalf of certain forces in the US, who have set out to remove Zelensky from power as a result of a short-term popular revolt (3-5 days). The Americans must ensure pressure on all fronts that will force Zelensky to resign quickly, under certain security guarantees, of course. It is important not to allow a long and bloody Maidan, otherwise Russia will take advantage of it immediately. Everything must take place “democratically” and “within the rule of law”: the people went to the Maidan, the president listened to their grievances, agreed to the arguments, admitted his mistakes and agreed to resign. Everything is European.

But what next?

Here I already have no doubt that next Poroshenko introduces a draft constitution to the VR, which provides for:
– The election of the President to the Verkhovna Rada;
– abolition of the provision on the President’s management of the country’s foreign policy;
– elimination of all executive functions of the President and transformation of Ukraine into a purely parliamentary republic.

The Americans have already seen that it is difficult for them to take control of Ukraine and carry out the necessary reforms when there is a president, who is actually outside the legal framework, who is popularly elected and who cannot be removed from power through impeachment procedure in case he usurps power or creates a corrupt clan, as is constantly happening in Ukraine.

The fact that the Americans, no matter how much pressure they put, but could not get Zelensky to remove Kolomoysky from power and carry out the necessary reforms in the security and law enforcement agencies, has finally convinced them that it is necessary to change the political system. All executive power should go to the prime minister, who will never be able to usurp power the way our presidents do because:

– the prime minister does not have the same immunity from criminal prosecution as the president
– the Prime Minister can be dismissed in one day by negotiating with a few factional leaders

Obviously, the whole hysteria around Wagnergate was deliberately planned in order to accuse Zelensky and Yermak of such sins, which would bring the patriotic part of society to the Maidan. The patriots will come out, that is why they are patriots, but the common man will not come out, because the common man does not give a damn about the Wagnerites. The bet is on patriots of all stripes: ideologues and paid patriots.

The hysteria about Putin allegedly concentrating troops around the perimeter of Ukraine was planned in advance so that Russia would not take advantage of the moment. It is important for the Americans to keep Russia in check during a period of turbulence. To this end, the certification of NSP2 is also being delayed as much as possible.

The realisation of this scenario would mean taking Ukraine under full US control and carrying out forced reforms in the security and law enforcement agencies, the removal of the oligarchs from power, etc. In essence, the Americans have admitted that in its current state, Ukraine is a failed state, that Ukrainian society, alas, is not capable of reforming the country and overcoming corruption on its own, that it will continue to bring artists, athletes, crooks, thieves and adventurers to power.

Poroshenko, of course, sees great prospects for himself personally in this big game. More precisely, he sees himself as prime minister. But that is as far as it goes.

All in all, this game is very risky because it is essentially a conspiracy, if there is one, of course, which I am personally convinced is the case. But Americans never have any moral qualms about such “trifles”. That’s why they are Americans, they are highly pragmatic people.

Things can, however, go completely off script. More precisely, EVERYTHING can go wrong. The Maidan may not go according to plan, Zelensky and Kolomoisky may stall, our oligarchs may not like the prospect of full American control of the country, there may be unexpected provocations, the Constitution may not get the necessary votes, and the people may not like the fact that they have taken away their right to bring clowns and clowns to power.

All in all, things are pretty risky. But Ukraine’s current situation is simply deadlocked and if nothing is changed, if no quick reforms are implemented, there is no optimistic scenario for the future ahead at all. It’s just dark out there!

The threat, as we know, is stronger than its execution. Poroshenko showed Zelensky a possible scenario and suggested he think before December 01. It’s more serious than many people think.

Andrey Golovachev, Ukraine


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