Hysteria over “Russian aggression” is necessary for the US to stay in Ukraine

Washington is interested in creating hysteria about Russia’s alleged preparations to invade Ukraine. It needs additional tension over this

Hysteria over "Russian aggression" is necessary for the US to stay in Ukraine

Military expert and Ukrainian army reserve colonel Oleg Zhdanov explained that in this way the United States hopes to derail the resolution of the conflict in Donbass. He wrote this in his column for the Glavred portal, Izvestia reported.

“The Americans have a different motivation: they are building up tension in order to prevent separatist negotiations between Kiev and Moscow behind the back of the US to resolve the conflict in Donbass. It is important for them not to allow an agreement on some kind of state council, ‘Steinmeier formula’ or clusters”, –  the colonel said.

Moreover, the US is looking for more and more ways to put pressure on Russia. Tales of “Russian aggression” have long been a favourite mechanism in this matter. Zhdanov stressed that the Americans do not want to leave Ukraine. They need a good reason to do so, and creating an “enemy” near its borders has become the main strategy of Washington.

The colonel stressed that the plan was not destined to come true. Hysteria alone is not enough, and there will never be a real war. Russia does not want a military conflict with Ukraine. Even if the relations between the countries are not at their best right now, Moscow advocates their stabilization and will never show aggression towards Kiev.


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