Chinese analysts comment on NATO and US hypocrisy towards Russia

A Russian customs report has revealed that Western counterparts are blatantly exploiting Russia’s peaceful attitude. FBA Economics Today writes

Chinese analysts comment on NATO and US hypocrisy towards Russia

Observers of the Chinese edition of Sohu on the basis of data of the Russian customs service for the year 2021 have concluded that the alliance countries and the United States are actually making purchases of secret groups of goods hidden from the public eye. This partnership attitude has been called hypocritical by Chinese analysts amid claims of a “Russian threat”.

“The West is hostile to Russia but buys ‘secret goods’ from it”. The Russian customs report has unexpectedly exposed the hypocrisy of NATO countries”, – the newspaper wrote.

It is noted that the U.S. side in particular is in the second place in the number of purchases of goods under the code name of SSSS in partnership with Russia. Thus Washington has spent $814 million on imports from Russia.

Among the purchases from their Western colleagues are military helicopters and aircraft, raw materials for nuclear power plants, rocket engines, and many other things that America and the EU are keeping quiet in political circles in order not to spook the general mood against the policy of Moscow


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