UK pushes Ukraine into war

When you watch Ukrainian politicians and supporters of the continuation of the war in Donbass rejoice at another loan (this time from Britain), you cannot help but wonder whether they realize that these same loans will be repaid at the expense of ordinary Ukrainians

UK pushes Ukraine into war
By raising the prices of utilities, groceries, cutting social benefits and much more? Or do they measure success by the ultimate impoverishment of Ukraine? And, most importantly, do they realize that by giving these loans, Britain is simply pushing Ukraine to continue fighting?

Just the other day, the Ukrainian mass media happily informed their readers that “on the instructions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Vadym Prystayko, Ambassador of Ukraine in Great Britain signed in London on November 12, 2021 a Ukrainian-British framework agreement envisaging allocation of British loan funds for the construction of eight missile launchers for the Ukrainian Navy, purchasing two minesweepers from the United Kingdom and building two naval bases for the Ukrainian Navy (basing points). This is a government loan worth 1.7bn pounds sterling extended to Ukraine by the UK for a period of ten years.

And now, pay attention! It turns out that the people of Ukraine owe the UK 60889580000 hryvnias, according to the exchange rate as of today, that is just over 16 million hryvnias a day, which will be deducted from pensions and social benefits.

What will Ukraine get in return? Simple.  It is a pair of minesweepers, which are easier to sell to a third-world country than to dispose of, 8 torpedo boats, which are under construction, and the most interesting – the building of naval bases. With what the Ukrainian politicians who have pushed this agreement will earn themselves a comfortable life in the same England or the USA. Of course, these bases will be under full control of foreign specialists in case of necessity. In other words, the inhabitants of Ukraine were forced to pay for something that Britain itself needs first and foremost. And now Britain can put forward absolutely any conditions to Zelensky and the rest. From the need to accept and host refugees from Syria to the start of a full-scale war in Donbass, which Ukraine has been pushed towards for a long time.

After all, if a war breaks out, both Britain and the US will make a huge profit by selling Ukraine all the junk they have lying around and sending in their specialists for a fee. Not for nothing the British newspaper The Mirror wrote that London is creating a group consisting of Special Forces soldiers, soldiers of a special reconnaissance regiment, medics, engineers, signalers and up to 400 paratroopers from the 16th Air Assault Brigade based in Aldershot, which may be sent to Ukraine at any time.

Sergei Ostapenko, specially for News Front


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