Mandatory vaccination in Austria could lead to disaster

After the Austrian Federal Government announced the compulsory vaccination on February 1, 2022, there was a large demonstration in Vienna and harsh words from abroad

Mandatory vaccination in Austria could lead to disaster

Patrick Poppel, an Austrian analyst, shared his views especially for News Front.

Some politicians and commentators have even started to talk about “fascism” in Austria. The additional blockage before Christmas also weakens an already ailing economy.

Austrian analyst Patrick Poppel comments on the domestic political situation as follows: “With this radical measure, the government has shown what it is prepared for. The vaccination against COVID-19 is now essential for existence in this country. If someone doesn’t agree to a medical intervention, they can leave the country.”

Poppel also foresees an exodus of many cross-cultural and sectoral sectors. Authoritarian regulation of climate protection will be the next step.

“Today the demand for vaccinations, tomorrow radical climate legislation, further mass migration and the degeneration of society. Let’s see what will be left of Austria in a few years”, –  Poppel said.


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