Political scientist: goal of U.S. is to push Kiev and Moscow in a military confliсt

America wants Russia and Ukraine to clash in war, and Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelenskiy is moving in that direction, political analysts and journalists interviewed by FAN said.

Political scientist: goal of U.S. is to push Kiev and Moscow in a military confliсt

Recently, the head of Ukraine’s military intelligence, General Kirill Budanov, said that Russia allegedly “concentrated” more than 92 thousand troops near the borders of Ukraine and was “preparing to attack” it in late January or early February 2022.

“Such an attack is likely to include airstrikes, artillery and armored attacks in the east, followed by airborne attacks in Odessa and Mariupol,” the military said.

In turn, political scientist Vladimir Karasev drew attention to the publication, which was interviewed by the head of the Ukrainian intelligence service.

“This is an American military propaganda publication. Representatives of the Pentagon in Kiev took a high-ranking Ukrainian “dummy” and gave a text that he should simply read out”, the political scientist explained.

In his opinion, either the Americans are preparing a military provocation on the border with Russia, or in the combat zone in Donbass.

“And no matter how deceitful the information that Washington will provide, I have no doubt that the Western media will believe in it and start procrastinating every day, talking about the “Russian threat”. Russia never attacks. Russia defends and defends. This is the correct position. In Ukraine, they still cannot comprehend this”, concluded Vladimir Karasev.

Member of the Scientific Council at the UN RAS “Socio-political problems of the formation of the EAEU”, editor-in-chief of the magazine “Archont” Anton Bredikhin believes that it is not Russia that is preparing for war, but Ukraine. And with such statements he wants to disguise this very preparation.

“The United States is seeking to pit Kiev and Moscow in a war. And Zelensky is confidently fulfilling this task. He needs it and is profitable. To solve economic problems, raise your rating, rally people around you. The presence of Russian troops is by itself a logical phenomenon. Or is it fundamentally different from the NATO troops located at the borders of the Alliance?” – concluded Anton Bredikhin.


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