In an attempt to intimidate Donbass: Ukraine announced the first combat use of Javelin

The disputes and passions around the use of the Turkish drone Bayraktar in Donbas by the Ukrainian armed forces have not yet completely subsided, as the Ukrainian side announced the first use of the American anti-tank missile system Javelin in Donbas.

In an attempt to intimidate Donbass: Ukraine announced the first combat use of Javelin

This event was announced by the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine, Kirill Budanov, in an interview with the Military Times information resource.

Returning to the topic of using (or not using) Bayraktar in Donbass, I want to note that this story ended as strangely as it began – Taran’s incomprehensible statement to the Dialogue.yu resource that the Armed Forces of Ukraine did not use Bayraktar, then the statement of Dialogue “that their resource has been hacked. Well, a little later – the removal of Taran with a scandal from his post”. The video itself with the use of Bayraktar is indeed somewhat different from what we saw from the video footage of the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh.

But now is not about that. The chief intelligence officer of Ukraine in his interview with a Western information resource focused on the use of Javelin and drew a parallel between this American ATGM and Turkish drones – they say that, in addition to practical advantages, these types of weapons have the ability to exert a psychological effect on opponents. It’s hard to argue with this – both types of weapons are really overly publicized. And if Bayraktars are a relatively new type of weaponry that has been tested in several local conflicts (Turkey’s struggle with the Kurds, the war in Syria, the war in Nagorno-Karabakh), then the Javelins’ combat path has many more wars. This ATGM entered service with the US Army back in 1996. This weapon was used, in particular, during the war in Iraq.

Javelins, like any weaponry, have advantages and disadvantages. There are many advantages – low weight and dimensions, which makes the complex easy to carry and transport. The ATGM launcher contains a thermal imager, which allows it to be effectively used at any time of the day. Also, a feature of Javelins is an autonomous missile homing head, which allows the calculation to either immediately leave the position after the shot, or to quickly prepare for the second salvo.

The main disadvantage is the cost of this type of weapon. All ATGM elements, including consumables, are very expensive.

This is the most expensive anti-tank missile system. According to the US military budget for the 2021st financial year, the cost of one missile is $ 175 thousand. The command and launch unit costs more than $ 200 thousand.

Can you imagine that the Ukrainian army would allow itself to use such expensive weapons? Even the Pentagon is not scattered with the use of these ATGMs. Here, for example, is the cost of the Russian-made 9K 135 or Kornet anti-tank missile system – according to open sources, the cost of a missile and a launcher is about $ 30,000. complexes are practically the same.

In addition to the very statement of Kirill Budanov about the first use of Javelins, which, by the way, was not even confirmed by any video evidence, Ukraine’s chief intelligence officer announced that Russia was preparing to attack Ukraine by the end of January. Russia allegedly continues to build up its strike potential at the borders of Ukraine. Also, according to the same Budanov, the assessment of the Ukrainian intelligence of the situation is similar to the data of the American special services.

What follows from all this? Firstly, Ukraine is not able to provide itself with Javelin complexes and missiles for them with its own financial resources. Thus, the application is possible only with US military support. Secondly, the statement about the use of “Javelin”, sounded from the mouth of the chief intelligence officer to a Western publication without an evidence base, looks more like disinformation aimed at intimidating the LPNR servicemen.

However, despite this, the enemy should never be underestimated. It is known that Javelins are supplied to Ukraine. Sooner or later they will shoot – for this, in fact, they are supplied. And it is indeed a formidable and high-tech weapon. It may not be the first freshness, but it is still deadly and capable of destroying armored combat vehicles. But widespread use is limited by the enormous cost of the complexes themselves and missiles to it – Russian counterparts are many times cheaper.
Budanov’s statement is another attempt by Ukraine to psychologically influence the defenders of the LPNR. But the situation shows, among other things, the following – Western curators are supplying weapons to Ukraine. Even if it is not always new, high-tech. But this process is going on. And it happens in the open. No one is ashamed to help Ukraine destroy Donbass. And these new realities, of course, need to be answered proportionally as much as possible. And, perhaps, you shouldn’t be ashamed of it.

Daniil Bezsonov, Analytics Service of the Donbass


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