States prepare new justification for troop deployment to Eastern Europe

Washington is once again trying to sow panic and make Russia look like an “aggressor” that is preparing an invasion of “peaceful” Ukraine

States prepare new justification for troop deployment to Eastern Europe

US intelligence has appealed to Europe and said that it has very little time left before an imaginary attack. This was reported by the news and analysis website, citing a story by The New York Times.

United States Director of National Intelligence Avril Gaines has visited Brussels. There she spoke to NATO ambassadors, to whom she told a previously prepared scare story.

She allegedly has information that Russia has amassed troops near the Ukrainian border, but has not yet fully decided what to do with them. However, the states are already insisting that they are preparing for an attack.

“US and British intelligence is confident that Russian President Vladimir Putin is considering military action to take control of much of Ukraine or to destabilise the country enough to bring a more pro-Moscow government to power”, –  she said.

Once again, the US has shown its willingness to make up accusations against Russia, as well as its penchant for double standards. Any appearance of Russian troops on its own territory, which is not far from Ukraine, is immediately considered preparation for war. At the same time, when the states from the other side of the world arrive at Russia’s borders, there is only talk of “allied support”, exercises and any other fantastic excuses.

It cannot be ruled out that the intelligence community is preparing the ground for another foray of American troops into Eastern Europe. The states could send new ships to the Black Sea, arrange exercises in the same Ukraine and claim that it is all aimed at “containing the threat”.


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