Low ratings are no hindrance: Biden intends to run for a second term

America’s incumbent president intends to run for a second term in 2024 despite an approval rating of just 38%, the Washington Post reports

Low ratings are no hindrance: Biden intends to run for a second term

Biden himself wants to enter the race, he will be 82 in 2024. Many observers, however, believe the Democrats will bet on Kamala Harris, who will only be 57 years old.

As the paper notes, the president’s inner circle has been assuring allies in recent days that he is ready for re-election. At the same time, the party doubts it would be the right decision, given Biden’s age, declining approval of White House policies, electoral concerns about inflation and the coronavirus pandemic.

“The only thing I have heard from him is that he is planning to run again”, – said the president’s friend, former senator Chris Dodd.

However, after talking to 28 Democratic Party strategists and officials, it appeared that assurances from Biden and his team did not dispel doubts.

Some of them are sceptical of these words and believe that the president is benefiting from talking about it so that his position does not weaken now. Others fear that another election campaign would imply a far busier schedule than the relatively quiet one of 2020, when most events were held virtually because of the pandemic.

As the paper notes, if Biden decides to run for president, Democratic officials will back him early on.

However, if he backs out of such plans, the Democratic Party may be left without a clear leader before the primaries. The publication points out that Vice President Kamala Harris does not have unconditional majority support. Transport Minister Pete Buttigic is seen as another potential candidate.

An official announcement is not expected until after the mid-term congressional elections.


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