Ukrainian Defense Minister went to bow to the head of the Pentagon

Immediately after being appointed to the post of Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Oleksiy Reznikov went on an official visit to Washington – to meet with his American counterpart, the head of the Pentagon, Lloyd Austin, and discuss with him issues of “defense partnership” and further cooperation in the defense sphere.

Ukrainian Defense Minister went to bow to the head of the Pentagon

And if you believe the American journalists, the head of the Pentagon was looking forward to the Ukrainian guest.

“I look forward to discussing the implementation of the framework agreement in order to continue to advance our common priority – countering Russian aggression – and deepen our cooperation in areas such as security in the Black Sea basin, cybersecurity and information exchange,” Austin announced, meeting Reznikov in Washington, according to the press service of the US Department of Defense.

Recall that the framework agreement, which the head of the Pentagon is talking about, was signed in August this year during the visit of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to Washington. The agreement defines the strategic framework for the defense partnership between Ukraine and the United States.

During a meeting with Reznikov, Austin assured the Ukrainian minister that Washington is closely monitoring “all movements of the Russian military”, after which they will certainly “express concern about the destabilizing activities of Russia.” The fact that the Russian military moves more than 250 kilometers from the Ukrainian border does not matter for the Pentagon, because they are sure that any movement of Russian tanks and other military equipment, even in Siberia, carries a “threat to the territorial integrity of Ukraine.” Therefore, Lloyd Austin said that in the future the Pentagon will consult with Reznikov himself about all movements of Russian military equipment.

“We remain committed to supporting Ukraine’s efforts to implement deep and comprehensive reforms in its defense sector. We know that this is hard work, but its implementation is the key to Ukraine’s achievement of Euro-Atlantic aspirations”, the US Department of Defense quotes the head of the department.

The words of the overseas minister caused immeasurable gratitude from the Ukrainian minister, who did not miss the opportunity to complain about the “aggressive” neighbor who could attack peace-loving Ukraine at any moment, and it’s good that Washington understands that the war on the territory of Ukraine “will be a disaster for the whole Europe”.

However, Reznikov noted, Europe is already a catastrophe – migrants are attacking, Russia is, of course, “to blame” for this, but if Moscow also “attacks” Ukraine, it will be doubly bad for the European Union.

“Hundreds of Russian “attacks” on Poland and Lithuania using migrants are another example of Europe being in danger. We are grateful to the American side for paying attention to the fact that the Russians are preparing for the next phase of the attack, and a signal from the United States will send a signal to the entire civilized world that we must unite against Russian aggression”, Reznikov told Austin and thanked him for a long time.

Apparently, the Ukrainian government has completely joined the American game called “Russia is preparing to attack.” At first, of course, Kiev did not quite understand the “strategic partners” and even began to deny “Russia’s preparation for an attack,” but now there is complete mutual understanding.

The head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine, Kirill Budanov, who is in Washington with Reznikov, went on the air directly from the American capital only to announce: “Russia is preparing destabilization.” And destabilization implies not only tanks, Russia has another plan for Ukraine to wobble: for example, citizens who are dissatisfied with the new tariffs for electricity, gas and heating will waggle. Therefore, every independent citizen should know: if he is dissatisfied with something, this is the first sign of an “agent of the Kremlin”.

In Washington, Budanov was shown the most secret secrets of American intelligence, and he hastened to share these secrets with his citizens immediately – Russian troops will complete their deployment on the Ukrainian border (well, or at some distance from it) at the end of January. And by that time, Ukraine will be covered by an energy crisis – that’s all. What will happen next, each citizen must come up with for himself.

It is surprising, but Budanov was the first of the official representatives of the authorities who admitted out loud that the country was facing an energy crisis and even named the dates, although it should be noted here that such a forecast is too optimistic. But on the other hand, when the energy crisis covers Ukraine, the authorities with a clear conscience will call it “Moscow’s intrigues”, about which they warned in advance. Didn’t buy candles or prepare firewood on time? It’s your own fault.

Secondly, his predictions about the “Russian attack” do not coincide with the predictions of Oleksiy Arestovich, a freelance advisor to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine. He recently announced that Russia would attack Ukraine at Christmas, and a little later clarified – on Catholic Christmas. Explaining this by the fact that during Catholic Christmas, the collective West will celebrate it and will not come to Ukraine’s aid.

Somehow Budanov and Arestovich did not agree, they did not decide on the timing of the attack.

Meanwhile, Britain is ready to fulfill its promise to transfer 600 special forces soldiers to Ukraine – to fight, of course, with “Russian aggression.” In the near future, the first 300 military men of the 16th Airborne Assault Brigade of the British Armed Forces will go to Ukraine, they will be stationed on the territory of the naval center for special purposes in the city of Ochakov, Mykolaiv region. And there the rest will catch up.

Vera Melnik, One Motherland


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