Cough intensified and gait worsened: Biden’s attending physician spoke about his health

US President Joe Biden should undergo an additional medical examination, as he began to cough more often during speeches, according to the report of the attending physician of the American leader Kevin O’Connor.

Cough intensified and gait worsened: Biden's attending physician spoke about his health

According to O’Connor, Biden is able to “successfully fulfill the duties of the president, which include the functions of the head of the executive branch of government.” The doctor added that the colonoscopy procedure, during which the American president temporarily transferred his powers to Vice President Kamala Harris, went without complications.

“During his speeches, the President began to feel a sore throat and cough more often and more. This has become especially pronounced in the past few months. The symptom is obviously persistent and deserves careful evaluation”, O’Connor emphasized in the report.

The document also states that Biden’s gait “is noticeably more 78-tense and less free than a year ago or so.” According to the expert, it is necessary to conduct a thorough examination of the 78-year-old president.


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