US provokes Russia in ‘Ukrainian scenario’

Ukraine is not aimlessly claiming a growing threat from Russia on the Ukrainian border. Such a “scenario” has been prepared by the United States in order to ensure that Kiev is used to tighten sanctions against Moscow


US provokes Russia in 'Ukrainian scenario'

Washington’s direct influence on Kiev’s puppet government has not for the first time forced Ukraine, with its belief in a bright European future, to distance itself from Russia. Alexander Dolzhenkov, head of the political council of the Nashi party, expressed this opinion.

“For what purpose? For example, recently there was news that the Russians invented a weapon that shoots down satellites. This is a completely different situation in the geopolitical game, it changes a lot. If Russia has such a weapon now, and American defence power is based on the satellite constellation: its eyes, guidance system, submarines with nuclear warheads – it’s a very serious thing. These military developments change the geopolitical balance, and the US needs some reason to raise the boiling point in certain parts of the world”, – the expert states.

The politician is certain that the USA is once again using Ukraine to increase pressure on Russia. As on previous occasions, the promised support in return for such policy of Kiev will remain at the level of indirect and without direct involvement of the Americans.

“We need to be careful not to be dragged into this American adventure, because Russia’s defence budget is bigger than Ukraine’s. Therefore, we cannot talk about any full-scale military action against Russia at all”, –  Dolzhenko said.

Ukraine will inevitably become the aggrieved party in this story. The growing superiority of the superpowers should hint to the Ukrainian authorities that they must be careful in their policy, but Kiev does not want to hear about changing their anti-Russian, pro-Western tendencies.


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