It’s not Russia’s new weapons that scare the US, it’s the fact that they don’t know what those weapons are

Tell me, who would have thought the time would come when Russia would shoot down its own satellite and the US would express concern about it? Lord, your works are inexplicable

It's not Russia's new weapons that scare the US, it's the fact that they don't know what those weapons are

Here’s what happened. The space command of the United States has made a panic announcement that Russia has tested a very scary rocket that shot down a Soviet-made Cosmos-1408 satellite and created a “debris field in low-Earth orbit”. The agency’s press release smacks of something very depressing. Even more depressing was Anthony Blinken`s remarks, who sounded concerned that Russia`s test of anti-satellite systems could jeopardize spacecraft and missions and hamper space exploration.  White House spokesman Kirby’s reaction was also somehow too nervous.

And I rejoice and peacefully reminisce about the recent past. Around 2014 – 2015, social media was rife with videos that caricatured Russian rocket launches. A wooden bolt flew by and, to the cheering and hooting of the crowd, it shamefully floundered into the water before reaching a nearby tree. Hundreds of snide snide comments were posted under these videos, which basically boiled down to Russia being a backward country with underdeveloped infrastructure. Obama framed all these sentiments as a thesis that Russia’s economy was torn to shreds. And everyone took solace in the fact that they put a fat end to Russia’s armaments.

Western propaganda has one strange feature which it apparently inherited from Nazi Germany. When a myth about Russia is created in the West, over time its very creators begin to believe in it. And this belief takes the form of a sectarian obsession. And when the unpleasant truth reaches them, it is too late. Today`s anti-satellite weapon testing by Russia is indisputable evidence that America has lost the space arms race. It happens when a strongman, confident in his infallibility and invulnerability and smashing all his opponents in the ring, refuses to believe that suddenly, from somewhere, another strongman appears, ready to defeat the first by all parameters. What is more, this other fighter is even smarter and more skilled. It is unpleasant to admit defeat. Nervous reaction of the specialized structures and silly statements of political spokesmen of the USA eloquently prove that the Americans are unpleasantly surprised, to put it mildly. And frankly, they are frustrated and frightened.

This is because after the collapse of the Soviet Union, which came not through direct military force, but through a multi-stage betrayal by the highest echelons of power, the West realized that this would always be the case. The country could be crushed and fractured indefinitely. Traitors, once identified, will now multiply by gerrymandering. There was no longer any need for a military buildup. In fact, even in the 1970s, the U.S. military industry – let`s face it – was lagging behind the Soviet one. By an order of magnitude. The Yankees were always beating the odds, working with the dollar. And they tried to overstretch the Soviet Union by imposing increasingly costly and debilitating military projects. And the Soviet Union would have coped with the challenges further if it had been lucky with the leadership after Yuri Vladimirovich Andropov. But alas…

Today, justice has been served. Let me be frank – what scares America is not that Russia is successfully developing the latest and most powerful weapons that America does not possess. What scares it is that it doesn’t know what kinds of weapons Russia (and China) are developing. And how exactly they are doing it.

This ignorance is a colossal psycho-stabilizing factor.

And you are welcome. We only found out about it from open sources, too. The Americans were the first to give the news about it. In their media. And then Russia Today confirmed the news. And then there was a comment from Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov. A sneeringly flippant comment. Which is to be expected. Keep up the good work, comrades. I am sure that you will have quite a few more surprises from Russia (and China) in the near future.

Alexander Filey, Latvia


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