Europeans will freeze this winter without the launch of Nord Stream 2

The supply of blue fuel through Gazprom’s new pipeline becomes a no-strings-attached option for Europeans this coming winter. Political analyst Eugene Satanovsky says that Europe risks losing the heating season next winter because of the delays in the certification of Nord Stream-2

Europeans will freeze this winter without the launch of Nord Stream 2

The expert notes that gas exporters are now unable to fill European storage facilities due to sending all assets to Asia at the best possible price.

“It’s very simple. More than simple. I am not a shareholder of Nord Stream-2 and I don’t supply pipes for it, so I don’t care at all whether it works or not. If it does, great. It means that the Europeans will not freeze to death this winter. But it is their problem. If it does not work, they will have nowhere to get gas. Neither Qatar, Algeria, nor the United States give gas to Europe. Their gas goes to markets where it is more expensive – in Asia”, –  Satanovsky was quoted as saying by FBA Economy Today.

The political analyst says Europe has driven itself into a gas crisis. The attempts of European ethics to bargain for better economic and political conditions will end in a cold winter for ordinary citizens.

“If they do not want to borrow from Russia, let them go to hell. What can they do now? I pity the Kurdish children on the border with Poland no less than I pity the children of Europeans whose politicians are idiots to such a state. By the way, these politicians will heat their homes somehow. They will find gas for themselves”, – concluded Satanovsky.

The expert also notes that for the common people there are only two visible solutions of the problem. Either the new pipeline fills the European depots, or Europe will continue to drive itself into a dead end.


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