WP: Biden’s approval rating breaks new anti-record

According to a poll by The Washington Post, about 53% of Americans disapprove of Joe Biden’s activities as President of the United States, RIA Novosti writes.

WP: Biden's approval rating breaks new anti-record

Biden’s activities as head of the White House were supported by 41% of those polled. About 55% of Americans negatively assessed his work in the economic sphere, 49% are dissatisfied with the measures of the US President to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

About 63% of Americans are of the opinion that Biden’s achievements as President of the United States are “little” or “practically none.” 51% of respondents believe that the American leader does not fulfill the promises made during the election campaign.

According to USA Today, about 64% of Americans oppose Biden running for a second term. The activities of US Vice President Kamala Harris are approved by only 27.8% of respondents.


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