Brussels thinks about sanctions against Minsk airport

The national airport of Minsk and the hotel “Minsk” may fall under the sanctions of the European Union. They are accused of involvement in the migration crisis that has covered the EU.

Brussels thinks about sanctions against Minsk airport

This is reported by the portal “”, referring to the newspaper Financial Times. She refers to her sources in the diplomatic circles of Brussels. The sanctions list will be worked out for several weeks. However, the EU has not yet come to a common decision.

The Minsk Hotel is accused of allegedly accommodating migrants who then try to get to Poland. The fact that the hotel administration is not obliged to find out the plans of its guests or interfere with them, Brussels did not take into account.

The European Union is trying to shift the responsibility for the aggravation of the situation on the Polish border onto Belarus. They are even trying to put Russia under attack, accusing it of allegedly delivering refugees to the borders of the EU.


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