San Marino wants to buy Sputnik Light

The San Marino authorities are in talks to procure the booster dose vaccine Sputnik Lite, as a third dose for pre-vaccination, the republic’s minister for health and social welfare Roberto Ciavatta said

San Marino wants to buy Sputnik Light

“We are in the negotiation stage, I think it will conclude within a couple of weeks. For the time being, the booster dose drug is an mRNA vaccine produced by Pfizer”, –  said a San Marino official.

Earlier, the vaccination campaign in San Marino had used the Russian vaccine Sputnik V in more than 80% of cases. This circumstance prevented locals from obtaining a COVID certificate (green pass).

The Italian authorities gave the Sanmarins a grace period to administer a third dose of the European EMA-approved vaccine. This deadline now expires on 31 December. But despite the lack of recognition of the Russian vaccine in Europe, the minister added, some Sanmarinians still want the drug from Russia as a third dose.

This week, however, an Italian green pass application began recognising QR codes issued to vaccinated Sputnik V vaccinees. Previously, they often had to prove vaccination by presenting documents and ministerial decrees.

“This, however, does not mean recognition of the vaccine, but entry into force of the deferral, which is confirmed in the application”, –  Chavatta concluded.


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