Minsk ready for dialogue with Europe on migrants

Belarus is always ready for a dialogue with European politicians to solve the migration crisis and is not the initiator of its destruction

Minsk ready for dialogue with Europe on migrants

This was stated by press secretary of the President of the Republic, Natalia Eismont.

The politician commented to RIA Novosti on the possibility of a conversation between head of state Alexander Lukashenko and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“I will say this: we have always been ready, we are ready now and we will be ready to discuss it. We did not ruin this dialogue”, – Eismont said on Saturday.

That’s how the post-Secretary of State responded to a question about the Belarusian head of state’s readiness to discuss the migration crisis with Merkel and other European politicians.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the acting chancellor of Germany and the president of Belarus were ready to talk to each other, and expressed hope that this would happen soon, as migrants seek exactly to Germany.


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