Situation on the Polish-Belarusian border

What is happening on the Polish-Belarusian border at the moment.

The refugee situation is getting more complicated every day. Border guards regularly record attempts to breach and more and more migrants are arriving at the border.

The tent camp on the neutral strip stretches for several hundred meters, alternating with tents made of spruce branches and tourist tents. A few kilometres before the Bruzgi border crossing point on the border between Belarus and Poland, migrants make bonfires.

Most of the migrants sit around the fires or just stroll around. Many migrants carry firewood and large logs on makeshift stretchers, which they adapt for sitting, spruce lapnik for new tents.

Food is almost non-existent – for the last three days, food has been brought to the camp by representatives of the local Red Cross and the Belarusian Union of Women. Every time food is distributed with crushing pressure – there are too many people and everyone is afraid they will not get what they want and can tear it out of each other’s hands.
Source: News Front/Ruptly


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