Migrants break through Polish border

The situation at the border between Belarus and Poland is rapidly getting out of control. A group of migrants has managed to get into the Polish territory

Migrants break through Polish border

This is reported by the Telegram-channel “Sputnik Belarus,” which publishes the corresponding video. The incident occurred at the checkpoint “Bruzgi.”


The refugees damaged the barbed wire fence and eventually managed to break through the border into Poland. It’s worth noting that the Polish police did not put up much resistance, but simply recorded everything that was happening on camera.
The migrants move along the Polish defence fence. The group of infiltrated illegal immigrants includes several dozen people. They are all from the Middle East and Africa, trying to reach Europe via Poland.

The situation at the border deteriorated significantly a few days ago. On Monday, November 8, some two thousand people gathered there. Previously, Poles had already foiled several attempts to break through and even used tear gas. However, this time they failed.


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