US State Department is trying to accuse Russia of provocations in Donbass

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba visited Washington, where he was received by the head of the US Department of State Anthony Blinken. During a joint press conference, he addressed Russia and warned it against the “2014 mistake.”

US State Department is trying to accuse Russia of provocations in Donbass

The diplomat accused the Russian side of allegedly accumulating forces near the borders of Ukraine and invading its territory. The words of the American are transmitted by the portal “”.

At the same time, Blinken claims that the Russian Federation conducts constant provocations, thereby exacerbating the situation in Donbass. By the way, the situation in the region has deteriorated significantly in recent weeks. But this is only happening because of the constant shelling from the Kiev army. However, the United States will never admit this.

It’s funny that against this background, Blinken thanked Kiev for “restraint.” He argues that the United States “knows how Russia operates”, but at the same time it does not have an understanding of how the situation will develop further.

Washington, for its part, would have better turned to Kiev and warned against its mistakes. He is actively shelling the republics of Donbass, violating existing agreements and delaying the advance of peace even further. And there is no fault of Russia in this case, only the stupidity and greed of the Ukrainian regime.


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