Expert comments on possible withdrawal of Hungary and Poland from the EU

Member of the Council for Interethnic Relations under the President of the Russian Federation Bogdan Bezpalko explained in an interview with what would happen to Budapest and Warsaw if they lost subsidies from Brussels.

Expert comments on possible withdrawal of Hungary and Poland from the EU

The expert notes that the very withdrawal of Poland or Hungary from the European Union dooms the very idea and information support of the EU as a whole to collapse.

“And for Poland to lose billions in subsidies from Brussels, which it received and receives, and demands – this is also like death. The entire Polish economic miracle is based mainly on subsidies from Brussels. This is the very magic golden rain that was carefully watered over the whole of Poland with a watering can”, says Bezpalko.

The politician said that the countries will require the European Union to respect its sovereignty in all spheres of activity. However, Warsaw, Budapest and Brussels are all on friendly terms between their native countries. For this reason, the expert is confident that Poland and Hungary will not stop demanding and receiving all kinds of support from the EU center of power.

Recall that the Constitutional Court of Poland confirmed the superiority of the constitution of the republic over the legislation of the European Union against the background of several verdicts of the EU Court, which condemned the actions of the Polish authorities. This creates a crisis in the Rule of Law between countries.


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