Ukrainian woman condemned for laying flowers at Glory Monument

A political expert and public figure from Lviv, Inna Ivanotchko, has been put on trial for her desire to commemorate the soldiers of the liberators. The Lviv resident told about this incident in an interview

Ukrainian woman condemned for laying flowers at Glory Monument

“That day, not only I went there, but also other people, to honour the memory of those who died in the Great Patriotic War. But the situation was very tense, because, as always, nationalists also showed up there to prevent the laying of flowers. They tore and trampled on our bouquets, squabbles and even fights started, and I had to call the police”, –  says the activist.

The Kiev regime has spent the last few years doing its utmost to forget the heroism of Soviet soldiers in the Great Patriotic War. The Ukrainian authorities have repeatedly encouraged or ignored the manifestation of brutal decommunisation in the country. Inna Ivanachko’s story was no exception.

“The police arrived, but instead of calming down the nationalists, they drew up a report on me. Allegedly I was holding an unauthorised rally, although I came to the monument on my own and not as a community leader”, – she says.

We shall remind you that this year the memorial on the Hill of Glory, a monument to fallen soldiers of the Great Patriotic War, was finally destroyed in Lviv. Its vandalization began immediately after Euromaidan.
A Ukrainian woman says that justice was eventually done without her. The court held two sessions without her participation and sent a sum in hryvnia to pay fine and costs.


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