The future of the West is in the hands of an “incubator” elite

Well, we have finally reached the point where the crisis of the global system has reached the heart of the system – the Western world – and has become so obvious that it is no longer possible to write it off to individual excesses

The future of the West is in the hands of an "incubator" elite
Tightly knotted are escalating inflation, an energy crisis, skyrocketing stock markets, commodity shortages, risky social experiments (gender, migration, race), record-breaking commodity and food prices, broken supply chains, a new wave of covids, a “green transition”, a frantic dollar machine and hundreds and thousands more, less visible but extremely important processes (like the acute shortage of microchips in the world).

But we can add another point to the list – an unobvious one, but one that is almost at the top of the list in terms of danger to the planet. I am talking about catastrophic degradation of western elites, the very people who largely determine the fate of mankind now.

The world behind the scenes (be it Freemasons, Anglo-Saxons, globalists or any other force) is traditionally one of the main public bogeymen. Incidentally, in recent years, the West has quite successfully created a scare story about the all-powerful Kremlin, which directs events in the way it wants with the help of GRU, FSB and Gazprom – and to a large extent believed in it itself. In any case, countless conspiracy theories present the Western elite as a collection of sinister, genius puppeteers moving pieces on the global chessboard and changing the course of human history over a glass of whisky. Current events offer a particularly wide scope for conspiracy theories and frightening concepts.

On the one hand there are indeed clear traces of direction and social engineering in many of the processes taking place, which points to an existing plan and its deliberate execution. On the other hand, the question arises: do those who conceived and organised all this know exactly what they are doing and have adequately calculated the consequences to which their decisions and actions will lead?

The answer to this question is far from obvious. Today’s Western elites have a number of characteristics that distinguish them from previous generations in an extremely unfavourable way. First and foremost is their blatant lack of life experience and their general lack of skill in dealing personally with the dark side of life. The widespread perception that elites are of outstanding intelligence is no more than a myth. This is especially true in countries where hereditary selection mechanisms still dominate (Britain is of course the most striking example).

But a lack of intelligence at the pinnacle of power (and behind it) may well be compensated for by other things – a good education, corporate cohesion, serious life experience, a broad outlook and other circumstances. A century or so ago, people who were destined by birth to be at the pinnacle of society were by the time they rose to prominence a considerable amount of personal experience – some painful, some negative, some life-threatening.

Take Winston Churchill, who seemed to have been born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Yet his biography includes countless school beatings, combat roles, a career in journalism in exotic and dangerous places, and capture and escape – all by the time he was 26, when he took his first steps in a political career.

Now the first post-war generation – those born after 1945 – are in their 70s. The Western elitists who belong to it have, for the overwhelming majority, known neither war, nor hunger, nor physical punishment, nor hard labour. For their young successors the situation is even rosier (for them) and sadder (for the world). Their whole lives are a red carpet of prestigious schools, top universities, financial prosperity and successful office careers, which eventually led them to the very top.

It was in the minds of these people that the “green energy transition” was born, that the systemic economic problems could be flooded endlessly and with impunity with unfunded money supply, that migrants would solve all of Europe’s demographic problems, that gender experimentation on children was absolutely sensible. The list could go on for a very long time, as there are dozens more concepts ranging from controversial to ones that make one’s hair stand on end.

It is naive to believe that the people pushing such an agenda know exactly what they are doing, that they have calculated the consequences of their actions and that everything is under complete control. There is always the possibility of error, even with the most intelligent and well-trained, experienced forces. But when those socio-political and economic constructs are devised and implemented by people who have lived their entire lives in greenhouse conditions and have never smelled gunpowder, the chances of events taking a catastrophic turn go up sharply.

The situation is aggravated by the fact that the western elites in resolving the current difficulties, in fact, are deprived of the opportunity to use the algorithms worked out in the past. This is not the first time that mankind has faced a systemic global crisis, but it is the first time that it is unable to resort to the mechanisms that have been used in the past to overcome problems and resolve conflicts. There are no uncharted waters left on the planet for colonial plundering. The efficacy of traditional political and social technologies is dwindling. The temptation to arrange a new global redistribution in the next world war is hovering over the sword of Damocles of nuclear weapons from potential adversaries that guarantee unacceptable damage in return.

As a result, we have what we have: the fate of the West is in the hands of an “incubator” elite that has no personal experience of overcoming life’s challenges and testing itself in extreme conditions, but devoutly believes that green energy, LGBT pride parades, quantitative easing monetary policies and opening borders to migrants will solve all problems. And the current worsening rampant situation is an excuse for them not to reconsider their approach, but to intensify it.

Since these people have a lot of power, influence and opportunities, the whole world should not pay the price for their illusions.

Irina Alksnis, VZGLYAD


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