Rostec delivers Checkmate fighter prototype to UAE

A prototype single-engine Su-75 fighter jet will take part in the International Airshow for the first time. The ongoing Dubau Airshow in the United Arab Emirates is among the major events in the civil and military aviation industry. According to Rostec, the fighter jet has been successfully delivered to the venue

Rostec delivers Checkmate fighter prototype to UAE

“The prototype of the new Checkmate single-engine fighter jet has arrived in the UAE to participate in the Dubai Airshow international airshow. The aircraft has been delivered to Dubai World Central by An-124 aircraft”, –  the state-owned corporation said.

In addition to the Dubai International Airshow, the Su-75 prototype will also take part in a number of closed and open to the media events.

There is speculation that the fighter/mock-up design will be named Su-75 in keeping with the firm’s traditions. So far, the entire PR campaign around the aircraft is based on the term Checkmate, which means “knight move”, or checkmate performed by a knight piece, in this case.


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